a four-day summer course in the historic seaport of Marblehead, MA—with Judith Black


"I just had to tell you once more how much this week has meant to me. How foolish I was to even consider not going.

On the way home I stopped at the beach in Marblehead and tried to let everything wash over me. So many tears, so much laughter. I hate to sound trite but I feel as if parts of me were awakened that I thought were long buried.

This morning I was so very disappointed that I was not traveling to your home once more. There are few things in life that can change someone for the better; you have done that for me."—Karen Chase

Who takes this class?

We can tell you who has taken this class, among others:

  • Teachers
  • Librarians
  • Storytellers
  • Lawyers
  • Ministers
  • Rabbis
  • Therapists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Social Workers
  • Commuter Programers
  • Students
  • Actors
  • A Las Vegas Show Girl
  • A Professional Dancer
  • An Educational Administrator
  • Folks in Transitions

Here are some of things they have said about it:

"Judith Black is one of the best teachers that I have ever had; not only did she coach me in the art of storytelling, but she also provided me with tools to continue developing this craft. Judith has a gift for discovering each individual's storytelling goals and then in creatively presenting the learner with direct paths for reaching these goals."—Jennifer Kraar '09, Librarian Winchester Thurston Academy, Pittsburgh, PA

"I wanted to say thank you for the incredible workshop. You talk about starting where your audience 'is.' You certainly did that with our little group. We came from all walks of life, all places, and you created a place where we could each feel safe, and seen for our individuality. Then with great clarity and love, you walked us through the steps of creating or adapting a story for performance. ..... I also have to say having those fabulous breakfasts every morning was such a luxury!"—Lynne Moulton, Actress and Producer

"...even if i wasn't teaching Sunday school in September or if i never told another story to anyone, i was so grateful for the chance to take the course ...it just opened up the doors of opportunity."—Loretta Seto, Canada

"Telling Stories is the best workshop I've experienced for professional AND personal growth. I started the workshop feeling like a complete storytelling novice. I left grounded in the psychological and educational theories of storytelling and prepared to tell with a full toolbox of storytelling techniques. Judith has an amazing ability to bring people together for a fantastic week of sharing and learning with plenty of laughter!"—Rachel Kegan, Teacher

"I want to thank you again so much for the workshop, and just connecting with me so much. You have inspired me and encouraged me so much! The time I spent out there changed me, and I think you changed me most of all. I know I can be quiet, and maybe hard to read. In big groups get very insecure. I felt really loved and wanted at your house. Thank you so much."—Lisa Ericson

"Confidence. Affirmation. Encouragement. Understanding. Excitement. Caring. Freedom.
Who could ask for anything more? I had a thoroughly beyond expectations time with great people in a lovely surrounding."—Lexa Crane

"I knew that your storytelling workshop would be a great opportunity and great fun. However, I did not anticipate that through this workshop I would undergo incredible creative and personal growth. Perhaps the best result of the workshop is that I now carry with me so many skills and creative approaches to share with other teachers and our students at the Overbrook School"—Joan Lange (Nashville, TN)

"It was a mild afternoon in the midst of a hot Boston summer that the young woman was leaving behind... What can I say? I'm sure that every year you get a flood of letters and gratitude and thanks for the life changing experiences that are part of your regular work days."—Sarah Fitchett (Chicago, IL)

"....Like the super big box of crayola crayons, you've played with so many shades of feelings. You allowed me to be honest this week because you yourself are so real."—Carol Kaufman-Kerman, Evanston, IL

"I want to thank you for an incredible four days. I have never taken a workshop that i have so enjoyed and learned so much."—Peg Acheson

"Are you aware that on June 24-27, a series of explosions took place in Marblehead, MA. The combined forces generated by these creative explosions were far more powerful than a hydrogen bomb. The fallout from this spontaneous combustion of creative ideas will undoubtedly result in the birth of all kinds of stories, songs, and innovative storytelling activities...."—Brownie Zervas

"Thank you for the wonderful workshop. I learned so many things that it will take a while to absorb it all. Your early morning baking was beyond compare! Such a nice touch. But most of all I want to thank you for the family stories workshop we did at the end. During the story swap, it brought out a story that I didn't know I had."—Solveig Eggerz

" I wanted to thank you for a terrific workshop. I really enjoyed it. It gave me the confidence to realize that I could tell stories without the safety net of a book in front of me....I don't know that I will ever be a professional storyteller, but your workshop did have a major impact on my life in that I am looking at how I communicate in a different way. Not bad for 4 days in Marblehead!"—Sharon Camins


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