a four-day summer course in the historic seaport of Marblehead, MA—with Judith Black

  Enough philosophy, where am I going?

You are coming to one of the oldest and most beautiful little seaport towns in these fine United States!

Marblehead, north of Boston and just south of Salem, was settled first by relatives of the Algonquins and eventually the by foul-mouthed fisherfolk from the western shores of England. They were looking to avoid the King's taxes. Unforntunately they hadn't factored in the discomforts caused by living next door to Calvinists.

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In terms of getting here from Logan airport, it is a half hour drive. You can take public transportation from the airport to "Airport" stop on the blue line. Take the blue line going outbound to the end of the line, Wonderland, and then get a 441 or 442 out to Marblehead.

The most economical airport pick up is KT's 978-317-7376

There are also a number of transportation companies which charge around $55 for a pick up:
North Shore Shuttle: 781-631-8660 or 800-649-8660.

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